Peer Review: Two

    Time for peer review number 2! This time I have gotten matched up with Rojan and their
website Firstly I could not help but be intrigued by the name Rojans road to Roj, which gives a glimpse that there may be some transformation within her life. My assumption was proven correct by looking deeper into the about page revealing Rojan’s motivational and personal journey in finding Roj and feeling confident within herself. I find this a very clever way of expressing the journey she has gone through in becoming mentally and physically a different person than before. It also allows viewers to come to a conclusion and understand what they are choosing to view before even clicking on the website link.
    As for her about page, It offers the reader a straightforward look into who she is and what has brought her to make this blog expressing her journey and helping others through their own. I especially loved the choice of her photo. It shows an authentic moment of happiness, giving readers a space to feel a personal connection. The only suggestion I would have is to check up on small grammar mistakes. Otherwise it is very clean-cut and aesthetically pleasing so far.

A Little T.L.C. (Theme, Layout, Customization)     

   The overall theme of Roj’s website, she chose to use the Ashe Theme by WP Royal. This theme allows for a sleek minimalistic look. It is put together and overall satisfying for the viewer visually. My eyes are drawn to the header and logo she has put together. The dock and lake background offers a very clean contrast with the white space surrounding it. Giving an easily readable and balanced top home page within the different contrasts of white and color. When looking at the logo, it resembles more of a yoga pose, which leads me to assume she meant it as being both a physical and mental inner journey, but I do believe that this could possibly throw viewers off of what her blog is about do to it looking a bit like a yoga/meditation page with this logo, rather than a personal motivation and journey page.
    Otherwise throughout her home page there are many attributes that go along with what was discussed by Mauve Page in the lecture. The principles of proportions and balance on her home page and some content posts, such as Transformation #3 my weight loss journey (http:// offer an appealing first view. In more depth, theses two pages have smooth content with equal amounts of white space and covered/colored space showing great contrast for the viewer. Though, most of these posts offer a fair bit of white space, creating a more unbalanced and blank look that is not as eye-catching. Thus, I would like to see more contrast with photos. They will offer breakups and a more pleasing visual experience. When it comes to the principle of balancing. I notice that sometimes the photos shown on the reel do not match the overall sleek vibe from which the header photo and logo give, such as they do not go with the same color scheme, but that is a very minor personal view.

    The overall customization within this website is very personalized to herself, though ultimately shows Travis Gertz’s view of how the “copycat” or copy and paste way of creating sites and ideas is lacking our own uniqueness and by using a templated structure, you are feeding into the standardization of production or blogs in society ( machines). Though, I have a contradictory belief that even though the same template is used, you are still ultimately are creating your own virtual experience, which most of the time leads to my view of templates being different from his. So for Roj going down a template path does not mean that all the content is the same or standardized. Instead a standardized base is being used from which she can apply uniqueness through her own building blocks.

Structure & Accessibility

    Reiterating some of the things said above, the structure flows nicely and allows site browsers to figure out how the site works and places they can go to find the content. I feel very confident in saying everything goes together smoothly within the home page and most personal and Pub 101 content, though the only slight change I believe she could make would be to go on the home page and adjust all of the posts that are below the reel as you scroll down. Instead, allow for some different spacial use. The constant posts help with easy access but give the structure a bit more standard look than unique.
     I feel as though the allowed accessibility of this website is in itself one of the strongest parts. There is a main accessibility button on the side that offers a variety of options for any viewer. The sleek simple placed menu bar and large labeled posts allow viewers to smoothly click and view articles faster than if they were small and un-read them. Finally, I feel this part is weirdly amazing to me! The availability of dark and light modes. I did not know this was an option until seein Roj’s site. It was avauluable accommodation so that viewing is easy for everyones eyes both night and day.

Below is an exert from Rojan’s content. This can be used as a reference photo for the typography part of this review coming up next:)


    When viewing the typography chosen, I’m fond of every font. Specifically though, that of the paragraphs within posts. It offers the reader an easily standout, decently sized, and contrasted text for viewing. Although I would like to see the width of the paragraphs to be a smidge more compact, as I find it to be a head-turner depending on the view you have the page set in. Within most posts I have touched on above, there is an absence of contrast between the typography and visual aspects in a few posts. So I believe with pictures it would add more rhythm and change the contrast, further allowing for smooth reading, catching the reader’s eye during reading to be more in tune with what they are viewing.

Final Thoughts

    I believe that with this website, Roj has built on a key foundation shown by Tanya Base from Tom Critchlow’s perspective that the building of our own digital gardens is not just of talking to a large scale audience but ourselves, focusing on what “you want to cultivate over time”, not what others want you to grow. . I see this especially in how her content posts describe personal storylines and offer visuals to the viewers of her experiences, speaking to a valueable connection she wants to have with her readers. Finally, wrapping up with the design. I believe Roj has an aesthetically pleasing and harmonizing website that offers both accessibility and style. I would just love to see a bit more contrast within her pages. Whether that be breaks in-between with a pop of color or photos that fit color schemes.

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