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From The Marvel Verse To this Little Old Blog: Wanda Maximoff

Hi Everyone,

As you may already know, I am Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch. Cassidy brought me onto her blog today to discuss why exactly I decided to create my own tv reality, what each tv series year means to me, and how exactly I did all of this. So I thought I would indulge her curiosity and explain the reasons behind my actions here. 

The truth is, I created this series as a way to cope with the great amount of grief and loss I experienced in my life. When I was younger the thought of having my life turned upside down was the last thing I had in mind. Losing my family, my brother, but nothing could have prepared me for the loss of my beloved Vision. The last person I had left in this world.

After his death, I found myself lost and unable to process my emotions. It was then that I discovered my abilities to create and manipulate reality. I created a new reality for myself, where Vision was still alive, and we were living in a perfect suburban neighborhood called Westview.

At first, I was content living in this alternate reality, but soon I realized that it was not going to hold back my grief and pain. They both still lingered and I needed to confront them to move on. So, I created the TV series “WandaVision,” which was a reflection of the life in which I created.

With the show, I was given opportunities to relive my memories with Vision while working through my conflicts in a safe and controlled environment. Well mostly controlled, the people were in no immediate harm and thought to be living regular lives which was good, but very difficult to make the creation smooth, with that many characters. Though they did give me outlets to share my experiences with others, who may have also had loss and could relate to my story.

Even with the difficulty and sad days I was able to move along, changing the series as I began growing more and more accustomed to the reality I had to fully face.. In conclusion, “WandaVision” was not just a TV series. It was a way for me to heal and move on from the pain and loss in my life. As the truth is, each era and show was carefully selected to represent different aspects of my life and experiences. 

Here’s a breakdown of why I chose each era:

1950s & 1960s Sitcoms: These represented the innocence and simplicity of my childhood. We would often watch classic American sitcoms on our small television set, which provided a glimpse into a life that was vastly different from my own.

1970s & 1980s Family Sitcoms: These eras represented the happy times in my life, particularly my relationship with Vision. We spent time watching sitcoms together, laughing at the silly jokes and enjoying each other’s company. They also showed a family life from which I wanted with vision, thus why I created it.

1990s & 2000s Sitcoms: These eras represented the confusion and chaos in my life, particularly after the death of Vision. The world around me seemed to be moving too fast, and I struggled to keep up.

Modern-day Dramas: These shows represented the reality of my life and the struggles that I faced. They showcased the pain and loss that I experienced, as well as my journey towards healing and acceptance. 

Each of these was a step in the direction towards my truth, they were valued memories of my life that I needed to relive over again in order to take in the pain and grief as calmly as I knew how then. 

So that is ultimately why ‘WandaVision” was made. Why I created my own reality, and though it was nice for a little while escaping your own reality is never a permanent fix.

Thank you for having me,

Sincerely ,

Wanda Maximoff

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