About Me

SFU Softball field better known to me as where I spend all my time
me strolling through California
It was a pretty sunset, can you blame me for wanting to show it


So I guess this is the page where I go into full detail about my life, my accomplishments and hope to catch your eye as the reader. So here we go I am a first year student athlete at Simon Fraser…… ok so the thing is I really feel as though this spiel is so generic of me to do. Instead I thought it would be best if I put together a very short Timelapse video of some of my favourite moments in my life so far, and from there you all can make your own decisions about the type of person I am. I will tell you though this is completely a personal blog experience and very random, besides my assignments for PUB 101 of course. Otherwise that is all you are getting from here on out it’s up to your own perception of who I am!